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20,00  Incl. VAT 24% wrist cover, simple product is designed from need. It adds value to your outdoorsports. You can feel warm and focused. I allows your smarts watch measure your heartbeat from the wrist and it keeps your watch available at all conditions. No more “hassle” with your sleeve!

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Description wrist cover is made of recycled ocean plastics (learn more Seaqual™). The material is elastic and feels extremely smooth. The wrist cover is easy to wear and includes a pocket where you can keep small items, such as keys. It keeps your wrist warm and allows you to use your sports watch in all conditions. The product is available in 3 sizes: S small,  M medium and L large. How to choose your size? Wrap a measuring tape around your wrist or use a strip of paper that you can then measure with a regular ruler.

Take your watch out and enjoy your sports even more!


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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 0.5 cm

S small, M medium, L large


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